4 Reasons to Start Your First Garden When Studying

The documented benefits of gardening are countless, with many improvements shown both physically and mentally. It seems that we should all be planting seeds, pruning blooms, digging the borders and getting out into our gardens. A recent study indicated that gardening is actually better at relieving stress than any other relaxing leisure activity. Gardening obviously provides us with healthy regular exercise, but it also promotes healing and immunity. Gardeners eat more fruits and vegetables than other people, especially when they grow their own. The biggest benefit is to brain and mental health, with those who garden having a 36% lower risk of developing dementia. Time for a new weekend hobby!

shutterstock_380327803-1Study for the serious gardener

Of course, you may already be a serious gardener or be considering further study for fun, or even a future career. There are many RHS qualifications on offer and you can choose to follow either a practical or theoretical course, or a combination of both. The English Gardening School in Chelsea specialises in training the foremost gardeners, garden designers and plants people of the future. Their Diploma courses are world-famous and have been attended by many well-known designers, advisors, journalists and horticulturists. If you are considering a Degree in Horticulture then Schoolapply can help you find the right one for your career.

Gardening can improve your study

Getting your hands dirty and being outside can help you to concentrate. Sunlight increases serotonin levels and has a very positive effect on your mood. It also provides a source of vitamin D which, according to studies, can lower the risk of many medical problems. While gardening will not give you the equivalent of a full aerobic workout, it is physical exercise and helps to combat fatigue, stress and depression. It also aids the ability to learn and retain information. Studies have also shown that creating a garden stimulates the right side of your brain and increases creativity. So it is time to start your own work of art.