Gardening: Must-Have Plants in Your Home Garden

It is a known fact that the most hygienic, nutritious and delicious food is home grown food. If you are preparing to have a home garden, or if you already have one, then these are some of the must have plants:


Tomatoes are widely said to be a staple for any home grown garden across the world. You can eat them raw without having to cook them, especially in the summer, and you can also make sauce from it and store it for when winter rolls around. When trying to sow the seeds of tomatoes, it is advisable to do so early in case you are planting them indoors.


Cucumbers are known to be a good plant for places that experience warm weather. Another benefit of growing cucumbers is that they can be grown even in limited space, because just like the tomatoes, they have the ability to climb upwards.


Zucchini is a great grilling vegetable that is also good for your health. It is a variety of squash that is another mid-summer plant for your home garden. They are very easy to plant as you only need to sow the seeds one inch deep in the ground at approx. 2-3 feet apart. That’s it!

Bell Peppers

Bell Peppers are sweet when compared to some other pepper varieties that are readily available. One of the main benefits of planting bell peppers is that they strongly resist pest invasion which means there is little need of caring on your part.


Basil is a herb and is commonly used in pasta, pizzas and even several tomato based sauces, and of course they’re the main ingredient in the pesto sauce. You can also use them artistically as dressing in salads.

Home gardening is an excellent hobby that will keep you closer to nature and help you save on your grocery bills as well – so why not try it?